The M.V2 Forging configuration by ADV.1 features a revolutionary 2 piece monoblock construction, developed and engineered in late 2011, the M.V2’s primary focus is to provide a lightweight, forged aluminum, individually engineered to order alternative to the forged monoblock. The M.V2 provides an entirely new look combining 3 piece versatility with 1 piece performance and ride quality.

Our newly released CS Series option is ADV.1’s most technologically advanced,
flagship series option available.

The CS Series is our first and only wheel option which undergoes
our FEA Simulated testing & Engineering process.

This process is performed on a per order basis which is intended to provide vehicle specific load and strength parameters which takes into account all factors pertaining to the specific vehicle in question as well as the specific use the customer intends to use the wheels for, i.e. drag racing, street use, road racing, etc.

Die Entwicklung eines Rades

CS Series | ADV.1’s most technologically advanced, flagship series

The primary reason for this engineering intensive process is to provide our customers with the lightest and strongest possible wheel, in the sizing, offset and vehicles load parameters available on the market today, period.

Weights can be as low as 16lbs. in some cases depending on the size of the wheel and the vehicles load rating, in any case the wheel is as light as it can possibly be for any individual vehicle in any selected style and size.

Aside from this and because of this, the M.V2 CS Series option is the obvious choice for our TÜV program. Strength, versatility, TÜV compliance and amazing aesthetic detail and overall appearance, all for the first time ever in a TÜV certified wheel option for the European market.

M.V2 Series | Ausstattung und Optionen

Available for all applications.

Applicable styles:
Available in 05, 5.0 and 5.2

Sub configurations:
M.V2 CS | Series

Assembly hardware options:
Blind or visible assembly hardware options available to all M.V2 styles

Available diameters:
20.0 and 21.0 inch diameters

Available widths:
4.5 - 13.5 inch widths

Finish options:
Fully customizable finish options

Applicable vehicle applications:
Available for all applications / PCD’s / Offsets / CB’s, etc.

Spezielle Fräsung für ein unvergleichliches Design
Titanverschraubungen und Radbolzen aus Titan
Gefräste Nabendeckel aus Aluminium (optional aus Titan)
Pulverbeschichtete Oberfläche und exklusive Finishes: Aluminium gebürstet, Gunmetal gebürstet, Schwarz (Matt & Glanz), Individuelle Oberflächen (auch partiell möglich)